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Family Breakdown

Watching your family breakdown can be a very painful experience. Maybe you parents are arguing a lot or you find yourself doing things to hurt your parents so they understand how much they are hurting you with their behaviour. This can be because you might feel that you are the cause for the breakdown between your parents.

You must remember that you parents are adults and they are responsible for their behaviour: you are not powerful enough to make to people begin to hurt each other. The break down is about them not you.

Some young people say that when they have problems at home with their parents their school work begins to suffer and they lose concentration and interest. Their friendships sometimes suffer too and they generally feel like they can’t be bored to with anything.

Being able to speak to a counsellor or therapist at Off Centre can give you the space to talk about what’s important for you and also help you to understand your feelings. Sometimes we can help you to let you parents understand a little more what it is like for you as they begin to separate from each other. We can also help you to manage some of the feeling you have around the fact that your family is changing and it will never be the same again.





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