Sunday, May 9, 2010 at 19:38
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Sometimes changes in our lives can make life seem difficult to manage. Things like moving home, school life, exams, looking for work or even nice things like choosing a college course, can all make us feel stressed.

When we are stressed we everyday tasks can seem like huge things that need a lot of energy or thinking about in order to get them done.

Stress can also be like:

Letting go of your stress is important because you can begin to feel more anxious as times goes on and some of your friendships might begin to suffer. In counselling or therapy you are supported to understand what things make you feel stressed and how to possible manage yourself differently. We also help you to develop relaxation skills, so you can use them wherever you are whenever you feel stress coming.

Sometimes, through your counselling or therapy you can begin to understand if there are patterns in your life that cause you stress. Being able to recognise the patterns may mean that you then have more choices as to how respond to the pressures of your life at home, at school or in friendships.

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